The Grand Tour Vs. Top Gear What was better?

The recent release of The Grand Tour on the world television was a great success. However, the comparison between the old and new is inevitable. There are many changes that have been made in the Grand Tour as compared to the TV show Top Gear. The opening song itself can be taken as an example. While Top Gear had only a small 20 second opening consisting of exotic cars shot at different locations ending at the same logo. However, the opening scene in Grand Tour is said to be the most expensive one. Costing a lot of money, the hosts of the show travel a long distance in exotic cars finally reaching a festival like place joined by many other cars.

Not only the opening song, but the trio of Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid has now been replaced by the former team of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Even the studio sets vary hugely. In Top Gear a permanent set with a hangar, scaffolding poles, floodlights and checkered walls were used. While in the new show The Grand Tour there is no permanent set, in fact the whole set will keep on moving with a giant tent and setting camp at different locations selected.

The audience at Top Gear had to stand around the hosts majorly finding their own way of comfortable seating. Car bonnets and converted seats were largely used to sit on. This does not seem to be a problem with The Grand Tour as there is a small stage like set up and the hosts sit on the stage while the audience takes a seat in front of the stage.

With the setups being completely changed, the leader board was also changed. Instead of the scrambled handwritten names on a cardboard strips stuck to a wall, a new graphical TV is now being used, too good arrangement for a giant moving tent. The test track is also changed to the world’s most dangerous track, the Ebalodrome in The Grand Tour, while the Dunsfold Aerodrome was used in the Top Gear.

The major change that took place in The Grand Tour was the homecoming of an in-house driver Mike Skinner. This guy speaks and comments about the car in any way he wants and in a way keeps things interesting to the crisp. The test driver in Top Gear was an anonymous guy wearing white all over, who never spoke a word in 14 years.

As the shows are entirely about cars, Top Gear focused on a wide variety of them. SUVs, classic cars, supercars and hot hatches were seen in the show while on the other hand The Grand Tour is mainly focused on hyper-cars as the whole team travels to fulfill the promise made by Top Gear long ago to race against Porsche 918, McLaren PI and Ferrari LaFerrari.


Apart from all this, the chemistry between the trios was a bit disturbed in Top Gear while the trios in The Grand Tour have their own way of speaking engaging audience better than ever. The cost of production has also increased to a lot and with new a fresh ideas The Grand Tour is set out to clear the spots left by Top Gear.

Check out the show available for purchase or free if you have amazon prime.