2017 Hottest Aftermarket Wheel Models and Brands

The automobile industry has seen a lot of development in technology this year and there have been prominent achievements in wheel design and construction. The introduction of new upgraded vehicles is always followed by electrifying wheels to add icing to the cake. The competitiveness in the wheel industries continue to advance with delectable concept wheels featuring very sophisticated designs and alloy luster. The dynamics of each wheel built to support vehicle needs such as beauty, speed, control, strength and aggressiveness on unfavourable terrain. This list contains 7 stylish high-tech wheels that have made quite an impression in the market.

ADV-1 05C ($2,997)

This ultra-modern three-piece construction comes with quite a variety of colors customized to suit any ride. The light weight alloy is unique and is suitable for someone in need of conspicuity.

VMR V710 ($250)

vmr v710 wheels

This design is inspired by the European tuning scene. It has a great look on any automobile and has a BMW bolt style. The best fit vehicles are the AUDI, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

BBS SUPER RS ($1,355)

Its classic basket-weave design gives that vintage feel. It comes in gold, silver and black with the “BBS” logo centralized on the glamorous pattern. We


The popular Japanese choice brand “VOLK” has a reputation for top quality wheels with light weight and wide range of colors. The TE73 features the classic six spoke style with a choice of metallic red or matte black.


“Classic” best describes the Porsche 911 original wheel made by Fuch which now comes in different sizes to fit any automobile.

FORGESTAR F14 Wheels ($306)

Forgestar is a newer wheel brand that builds completely custom forged wheels for all makes and models, if you are looking for a wheel brand that is mid-range in terms of pricing but doesn’t compromise durability or strength be sure to check out forgestar! The Designs are unique and really can compliment any make of car..

Forgestar F14 Wheels


Extremely light weight wheels with spider-like design which if you ask me, is where it got the nomenclature “ultraleggera.” It features a weight of over 20 pounds a piece with 19-20 inch diameter.

HRE VINTAGE 505M ($1,900)

Known for its sophistication, the HRE wheels are made for supercars and are quite expensive but worth it on the long run for its durability.

That concludes the list for the best of 2016 sleek wheels and brands, for some of the best prices around we recommend checking out Revwerks wheels as they seem to have some of the most affordable wheel prices around for almost all of these brands.

Check them out at the link below.



DIY Motorcycle Maintenance or Dealer Service?

Most motorcycle owners are unable to detect or fix very little problems with their vehicle. It usually seems like such a huge task meant for professionals only and this isn’t cost effective. Hundreds of dollars are spent daily on really simple adjustments and maintenance techniques. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn a few of those maintenance tips just to save a few dollars and for such emergencies where you find yourself stranded on a lonely road? These quick fixes and maintenance tips could be just what you need to get you back on the road.



At a regular mechanic changing your oil and getting a new filter would cost at least $20. Here’s how to do it yourself.

  1. Ensure that your car is parked on a leveled ground to make it easier to jack-up
  2. Locate the oil knob under your car and unscrew the knot to drain the darkened old oil.
  3. Find your oil filter then use an oil filter wrench remove it. Ensure that the rubber gasket on the old filter comes off as well.
  4. Apply lubrication on the rubber gasket of new filter and pour in new oil to about 2/3 of new filter capacity.
  5. Screw the new filter back into place as tightly as possible.
  6. Prop open the top bonnet (hood), open up the oil cap and fill in new oil. Using the measuring stick check to see if you’ve added enough.
  7. Replace the cap and that’s it!

Make sure you are in your mechanic attire before handling oil to avoid stains.


Double checking your connection to make sure your cables are in place and applying anti-corrosion fluid would cost you at least $5. This is how to do it yourself.

  1. Unscrew the knot on your battery cables starting with the negative cables.
  2. Using a wire brush clean and lubricate the cable plugs with anti-corrosion fluid. This fluid is simply made up of baking soda and water so preparing this solution yourself would help you save more.
  3. With a wire brush clean battery terminals, rinse off anti-corrosion fluid and dry off with a cloth.
  4. Replace your battery terminals starting with the positive ones first.


If you are having problems in kick-starting your vehicle there could be a number of reasons and one of them are depleted spark plugs. Changing spark plugs could cost about $15. Here are steps to change them.

  1. Prop open the hood of your vehicle and trace the thick rubber wire depending on the number of engine cylinders, you may find up to four, six or eight plugs.
  2. Beginning at the end of each row, pull off the rubber wires to reveal the plugs one at a time.
  3. Slide your ratchet over the plug and unscrew each old plug
  4. Screw in the new plugs and tighten them using a wrench
  5. Re-attach the rubber covering over the new spark plugs one at a time

These easy steps can save you a lot of time and money also gives you the thrill of playing mechanic. Once you perfect these steps you can take on more intricate repairs and in no time you would become your own auto repairer. What better way to get things done on time with no extra cost.

What is VTEC and how does it work?

Since Japan announced a tax based on engine displacement, Japanese auto manufactures have all focused their R&D efforts for improving the performance of their smaller engine designs through ways other than increasing the displacement.

Apart from forced induction like Toyota and Nissan used, Honda engineer Ikuo Kajitani invented a cam timing profile, that provided Honda with the first successful commercial design for changing cam profile in real time. VTEC systems provides engine with valve timing changed for both low and high RPM operations. VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, and is a way Honda used widely across their vehicle range. Despite the many variations of VTEC, their working principle is identical.


Each valve in the cylinder head has its own rocker arm, to open and closes the valve to let the fresh air fuel charge in, called the inlet valve; and to let the exhaust gas out, called the exhaust valve. To simplify the explanation, we will concentrate of just one pair of valves., as the operations of the others is exactly the same. In a normal engine, there will be only two rocker arms, controlling two valves. But in a VTEC engine, a additional rocker arm is being installed in between the original ones. This additional rocker arm does not have a valve associated with it, unlike the two other ones, and appears to have no useful function. Each rocker arm is rocked up and down via a com lobe, that rotates with the rotation of the engine. A cam lobe is shaped similar to the shape of an egg, In such so that when the high point of the lobe pushes on the arm, it causes the other end to push the valve open. As the cam lobe rotates and the lower shaped end of the lobe comes around, the valve begins to close. The middle cam lobe has a higher profile than the other two. When the engine works at low RPM, the regular cam pushes open and closes the valve, with the middle higher profile one simply rocking up and down, without result for its movement. When the engine load increased to a predetermined level, and certain condition are being met, a series of pistons inside some of the rocker arms are forced to move across, locking them with the arm next to them. This action effectively locks all three rocker arms together, so they move as one large arm. As the center cam lobe that causes the middle rocker arm to move up and down has a higher profile than the other lobes, it is now forcing the valve to open sooner, close later and increase valve lift, according to the shape of the center cam lobe. This action can enable the engine to breath more effectively at higher engine revs, and increase the engine’s performance.

There are a lot of other types of VTEC engine variants, including the HYPER VTEC in some superbikes, most modded and well known for their impressive modding ability, the VTEC-E, i-VTEC on recent cars, VTEC turbo and the 3-stage VTEC that can open one intake valve with another just slightly opened. From 2500-3000 RPM the 12v mode is engaged and results in swirl of the intake charge which increases combustion efficiency. At 3000-5400RPM, one of the VTEC solenoids engages and causes the second valve to lock onto the first valve’s cam lobe, thus called 4v mode. This mode resembles a normal engine operation and improves mid range power. At 5500-7500RPM, another VTEC solenoid engages in such so that both intake valves are using a middle, third cam lobe. This third cam lobe is tuned for high-performance and provides peak power at the top end of the RPM range.


The Grand Tour Vs. Top Gear What was better?

The recent release of The Grand Tour on the world television was a great success. However, the comparison between the old and new is inevitable. There are many changes that have been made in the Grand Tour as compared to the TV show Top Gear. The opening song itself can be taken as an example. While Top Gear had only a small 20 second opening consisting of exotic cars shot at different locations ending at the same logo. However, the opening scene in Grand Tour is said to be the most expensive one. Costing a lot of money, the hosts of the show travel a long distance in exotic cars finally reaching a festival like place joined by many other cars.

Not only the opening song, but the trio of Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid has now been replaced by the former team of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Even the studio sets vary hugely. In Top Gear a permanent set with a hangar, scaffolding poles, floodlights and checkered walls were used. While in the new show The Grand Tour there is no permanent set, in fact the whole set will keep on moving with a giant tent and setting camp at different locations selected.

The audience at Top Gear had to stand around the hosts majorly finding their own way of comfortable seating. Car bonnets and converted seats were largely used to sit on. This does not seem to be a problem with The Grand Tour as there is a small stage like set up and the hosts sit on the stage while the audience takes a seat in front of the stage.

With the setups being completely changed, the leader board was also changed. Instead of the scrambled handwritten names on a cardboard strips stuck to a wall, a new graphical TV is now being used, too good arrangement for a giant moving tent. The test track is also changed to the world’s most dangerous track, the Ebalodrome in The Grand Tour, while the Dunsfold Aerodrome was used in the Top Gear.

The major change that took place in The Grand Tour was the homecoming of an in-house driver Mike Skinner. This guy speaks and comments about the car in any way he wants and in a way keeps things interesting to the crisp. The test driver in Top Gear was an anonymous guy wearing white all over, who never spoke a word in 14 years.

As the shows are entirely about cars, Top Gear focused on a wide variety of them. SUVs, classic cars, supercars and hot hatches were seen in the show while on the other hand The Grand Tour is mainly focused on hyper-cars as the whole team travels to fulfill the promise made by Top Gear long ago to race against Porsche 918, McLaren PI and Ferrari LaFerrari.


Apart from all this, the chemistry between the trios was a bit disturbed in Top Gear while the trios in The Grand Tour have their own way of speaking engaging audience better than ever. The cost of production has also increased to a lot and with new a fresh ideas The Grand Tour is set out to clear the spots left by Top Gear.

Check out the show available for purchase or free if you have amazon prime.


The Making of the Rat Rod Cars & Motorcycles

Automobiles are generally designed to promote easy travel under the influence of their stored power. There are rat rods under this section. These are vehicles that appear to be unfinished in their making but they are actually built just for riding and not for a show. This brings out the clear picture of why some people love them while others hate them.

The first BMW 2000 rat rod was generated from different parts of other cars like the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and a Cobalt SS. This did not make it sound original, but there was the rat rod. We have rat rods that have an automatic transmission while others have a manual transmission.

There are two versions of the BMW2000 class. These versions have a four speed manual transmission whereby, one has a single carburetor engine that has 100 hp at 5500 revolutions per minute. The other version has a twin carburetor engine that has 120hp at 5500 revolutions per minute. There is also the three speed with automatic transmission.


This rat rod has distinguishing characteristics as compared to others. Majorly, it is easily recognized by its front part that has boat-like nose features, that is, two twin unit headlights with one glass cover. The headlights are rectangular in shape. This was enhanced due to the American policy that demanded so. It also has wide taillights and a different grille with four singly rounded headlights.

The BMW2000 rat rod is also distinguished by its beam axle that suspends it on the front. There are spring types that can be traverse, parallel, or coiled. Due to aesthetic reasons, traverse and coiled set ups are most commonly used as compared to the parallel ones. MW2000 rat rods are also built with airbag suspension. This enables the driver to raise or lower the car and this is of importance due to the lesser ground clearance of the rat rod. The automobile tends to be luxurious because its engine is sporty with interior characterized by a wooden dashboard and optional leather seats.

This rat rod trend has distinguishing factors that make it more appealing to the current generation. First, they are a representation of the traditional customs. They are a representation of how rods were built in the recent past. They also emphasize on their home-built nature together with their low-buck nature.

In addition, they are natural representation of what is considered a culture of those that appreciate it. They are artistic and demonstrate different aspects of the culture of its founders. For instance, they reveal factors like the mode of clothing, music, tattoos and hairstyles.

However, even as we outline the positives of these rat rods, critics have come up with their views about them. First, they consider them cheap and talent-less hence intensely dismissing them. They tend to believe that a good car ought to be well finished hence considering the constructors inexperienced in their duties like welding.


The Worlds Fastest Corvette Sounds Like a Hybrid?

Maryland-based Corvette officially set the top speed world record legitimated all-electric auto recently when it hit 186.8 mph, yet subsequent to enhancing their battery-controlled Corvette, the organization chose to give it another go. In correlation, the Tesla Model S’ beat speed is 155 mph, however it is programming constrained all together not to harm the battery pack. On the off chance that it wasn’t programming constrained, the vehicle could conceivably accomplish a comparable top speed as Corvette’s record. The altered Corvette, also called Genovation GXE, did it again by achieving the record-breaking velocity of 205.6 mph at The Nasa’s runway in Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.The organization fitted a 44 kWh battery pack in the model and claims some amazing specifications: “The Corvette incorporates a cutting edge battery administration framework, electric engines, batteries and inverters that deliver in abundance of 600 lb-ft and 660-hp of torque. The automobile has a scope of 130 miles amid typical driving operation with an almost 50/50 weight conveyance and is upgraded for a low focus of gravity.”In examination, the Tesla Model S’ best speed is 155 mph, however it is programming restricted all together not to harm the battery pack. In the event that it wasn’t programming constrained, the vehicle could conceivably accomplish a comparative top speed as Corvette’s record.The organization is running for selecting just a constrained amount of 75 vehicles and they guaranteed that each vehicle will be interesting in light of the fact that they will include the clients in the individual outline and completing procedure.


On the off chance that you need one however, you need a great deal of trust in the startup since they require to present a store of $250,000 and they don’t hope to deliver the vehicle until Q4 of 2019 following a 2-year outline period and 1 year construct time. It’s not inexpensive. Genovation said that the GXE will cost $750,000. which will be around 10 times the cost of another C7 Grand Sport Corvette.

The organization stood out as truly newsworthy prior in 2016 after the record has been setup for a road legitimate electric automobile and afterward the land speed record. In light of a C6 Corvette, however now Corvette has been given to take a gander at the creation model that is expected in late 2019. The generally little team at Corvette gauges will require to make an additional two years of improvement before generation can begin. You’ll see the modified front guard and round taillights.

With the price raised from offers of the GXE, Corvette arrangements to build up a more reasonable.

The Corvette still sets a bench mark clocking 205.6 MPH which is a remarkable leap in speed which was previously 186.8 MPH, which amaze the fans. Every car lover is looking forward to the pre- booking of the Corvette which will remarkably leave other super cars behind at this price range. There are still a few tests to be done but as said the Corvette is available in some areas while other areas its still to be launched. So its yet to see how the Corvette takes us to the next level of speed.