2017 Hottest Aftermarket Wheel Models and Brands

The automobile industry has seen a lot of development in technology this year and there have been prominent achievements in wheel design and construction. The introduction of new upgraded vehicles is always followed by electrifying wheels to add icing to the cake. The competitiveness in the wheel industries continue to advance with delectable concept wheels featuring very sophisticated designs and alloy luster. The dynamics of each wheel built to support vehicle needs such as beauty, speed, control, strength and aggressiveness on unfavourable terrain. This list contains 7 stylish high-tech wheels that have made quite an impression in the market.

ADV-1 05C ($2,997)

This ultra-modern three-piece construction comes with quite a variety of colors customized to suit any ride. The light weight alloy is unique and is suitable for someone in need of conspicuity.

VMR V710 ($250)

vmr v710 wheels

This design is inspired by the European tuning scene. It has a great look on any automobile and has a BMW bolt style. The best fit vehicles are the AUDI, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

BBS SUPER RS ($1,355)

Its classic basket-weave design gives that vintage feel. It comes in gold, silver and black with the “BBS” logo centralized on the glamorous pattern. We


The popular Japanese choice brand “VOLK” has a reputation for top quality wheels with light weight and wide range of colors. The TE73 features the classic six spoke style with a choice of metallic red or matte black.


“Classic” best describes the Porsche 911 original wheel made by Fuch which now comes in different sizes to fit any automobile.

FORGESTAR F14 Wheels ($306)

Forgestar is a newer wheel brand that builds completely custom forged wheels for all makes and models, if you are looking for a wheel brand that is mid-range in terms of pricing but doesn’t compromise durability or strength be sure to check out forgestar! The Designs are unique and really can compliment any make of car..

Forgestar F14 Wheels


Extremely light weight wheels with spider-like design which if you ask me, is where it got the nomenclature “ultraleggera.” It features a weight of over 20 pounds a piece with 19-20 inch diameter.

HRE VINTAGE 505M ($1,900)

Known for its sophistication, the HRE wheels are made for supercars and are quite expensive but worth it on the long run for its durability.

That concludes the list for the best of 2016 sleek wheels and brands, for some of the best prices around we recommend checking out Revwerks wheels as they seem to have some of the most affordable wheel prices around for almost all of these brands.

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