The Making of the Rat Rod Cars & Motorcycles

Automobiles are generally designed to promote easy travel under the influence of their stored power. There are rat rods under this section. These are vehicles that appear to be unfinished in their making but they are actually built just for riding and not for a show. This brings out the clear picture of why some people love them while others hate them.

The first BMW 2000 rat rod was generated from different parts of other cars like the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and a Cobalt SS. This did not make it sound original, but there was the rat rod. We have rat rods that have an automatic transmission while others have a manual transmission.

There are two versions of the BMW2000 class. These versions have a four speed manual transmission whereby, one has a single carburetor engine that has 100 hp at 5500 revolutions per minute. The other version has a twin carburetor engine that has 120hp at 5500 revolutions per minute. There is also the three speed with automatic transmission.


This rat rod has distinguishing characteristics as compared to others. Majorly, it is easily recognized by its front part that has boat-like nose features, that is, two twin unit headlights with one glass cover. The headlights are rectangular in shape. This was enhanced due to the American policy that demanded so. It also has wide taillights and a different grille with four singly rounded headlights.

The BMW2000 rat rod is also distinguished by its beam axle that suspends it on the front. There are spring types that can be traverse, parallel, or coiled. Due to aesthetic reasons, traverse and coiled set ups are most commonly used as compared to the parallel ones. MW2000 rat rods are also built with airbag suspension. This enables the driver to raise or lower the car and this is of importance due to the lesser ground clearance of the rat rod. The automobile tends to be luxurious because its engine is sporty with interior characterized by a wooden dashboard and optional leather seats.

This rat rod trend has distinguishing factors that make it more appealing to the current generation. First, they are a representation of the traditional customs. They are a representation of how rods were built in the recent past. They also emphasize on their home-built nature together with their low-buck nature.

In addition, they are natural representation of what is considered a culture of those that appreciate it. They are artistic and demonstrate different aspects of the culture of its founders. For instance, they reveal factors like the mode of clothing, music, tattoos and hairstyles.

However, even as we outline the positives of these rat rods, critics have come up with their views about them. First, they consider them cheap and talent-less hence intensely dismissing them. They tend to believe that a good car ought to be well finished hence considering the constructors inexperienced in their duties like welding.